Guidance for when you visit a memorial and what to record

To get started there are a number of guidance documents you can consult:

  •  The Recording Remembrance Project Pack will give you an overview of the project and why it is important to record memorials.
  • Contributor guidance will guide you through what to do when you visit a memorial, how to record a memorial and individual, and the information that is required for a record to be complete. There is also a glossary of terms and FAQ section included in the Contributor guidance. 
  • Guidance on Soldier Research can be found in the naviagation bar menu on the left
  • The Recording Form is also available here for you to print off and take along with you when visiting a memorial

Please note: Only one entry will exist for each memorial and person being recorded, and the text which the first person submits will form the basis for the entry for the relevant County's Historic Environment Record. If you have extra information on an entry for a memorial or person that has already been completed, please email and we will be happy to add your additional information to the record.